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How to Deauthorize Your Computer

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March 14, 2011


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How to Deauthorize Your Computer

Apple’s Terms of Use allows you to authorize up to five computers to play the files you have purchased. If you get a new computer or iPad, you can deauthorize a device to make room for your new one. Deauthorization is important if you are not using your device. If you plan on selling a device or giving it away, simply erasing the hard drive does not deauthorize a machine. Follow the steps below to deauthorize your computer.


1)      Open iTunes on the device.

2)      Choose “Store”

3)      Click or Tap “Deauthorize”

4)      Type in your Apple Account user name and password to confirm.



There is also a “Deauthorize All” command you can use. This comes in handy if you sold or gave away an old computer or iPad without deauthorizing the device.  Just remember when you “Deauthorize All” you must reauthorize all the other devices you plan on using.

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