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How to customize the Home Screen in Android (Honeycomb) Tablet

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October 27, 2011


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How to customize the Home Screen in Android (Honeycomb) Tablet

Android Honeycomb Tablets allows you to customize your home screen with widgets and shortcuts to your favorite apps. You can place anything from a link to your favorite YouTube video to your email inbox.

To change shortcuts, widgets, and wallpapers, follow these instructions:
1) Tap the “+” button or simply touch and hold anywhere on the home screen where you want to place a widget.
2) A menu will pop up allowing you to choose the proper tab: App Shortcuts, Wallpapers, and Widgets.
3) Scroll through your choices
4) Tap the app or widget you want and drag and drop to an area of the Home Screen.
5) You can remove a widget or app by pressing on the shortcut and dragging it to the remove area that will be highlighted.

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