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How to Create and Edit Reminders on your iOS 5 iPad

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October 27, 2011


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How to Create and Edit Reminders on your iOS 5 iPad

iOS 5 now integrates reminders into iCloud as well as Microsoft Exchange accounts. You can now have your to-do lists and app generated reminders and alerts/alarms all synced across multiple platforms.

Adding a New Reminder:
1) Tap the “Reminders” App on your iPad Home Screen.
2) You have to ways to create a new reminder. Tap a day in the calendar and a new reminder pops open, or tap the “+” button on the upper right hand corner.
3) Enter a Title for your reminder.
4) You can add more information to your reminder by editing the Details Screen. Tap the small box next to the title to open up the Details Screen.
5) The Details Screen allows you enter a due date, prioritize reminders, and add notes. Enter any additional information you wish to elaborate your Reminder.
6) Select “Delete” to delete any notes.
7) To check off completed reminders, tap the empty square box to the left of the reminder.

How to add an alarm on Reminders:
1) Tap the reminder message and go to the Details Screen.
2) If you wish to add an alarm, select “Remind me.”
3) Slide the “On A Day” tab to on. The tab should turn blue for on, turn white for off.
4) Set the Day and Time by touching the field just below the “On a Day” tab. Slide each dial up or down to set the date, hour, minute, AM/PM.
5) 3G enabled iPad can set their location based alarms for their reminders. Set the location by sliding the “At a Location tab” to ON.
6) Choose the current location or enter an alternative address by clicking the current location tab.
7) Select “When I leave” or “When I arrive to set the alarm.”

How to I sync Reminders on all devices across iCloud
Your Reminders app should sync to all devices across iCloud, but in the case that it does not, follow these instructions for all of your devices:
1) Tab your “home” button on the device
2) Go to “Settings”
3) Click on “iCloud”
4) Switch the “Reminders” to ON

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