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How to Change your Voice Search Settings on Android Tablet

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September 5, 2011


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How to Change your Voice Search Settings on Android Tablet

You can change your Voice Search Settings to delete search history and manage your privacy.

To edit the number of different configurations, follow these steps:

1)      Open Voice Search by touching the Voice Search icon on your home screen.

2)      Touch the Menu Button found on the upper right hand side.

3)      Touch Settings.

4)      Now you can configure the following options:

Safe Search – You can use safe search to block or mitigate explicit material on your searches. This is ideal if you have young kids using your Android Tablet.

Language – The default language is English. But you can change the display language of your Voice Search.

Offensive Language – You can block offensive words that Voice Search correctly recognizes with symbols in place of text

Personalized Recognition – You can voice search customize results by storing your voice searches over time. This is done by syncing voice search with a valid Google Account.

Google Account Dashboard – You can use this to edit details about you.

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