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How to access the split keyboard on the iPad

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October 25, 2011


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How to access the split keyboard on the iPad

With iOS5, Apple solved a major problem that many iPad users had. Although other iOS5 devices like the iPhone and iPod touch experienced many improvements with the update, I believe the iPad has benefited greatly with the use of a split keyboard. The new keyboard for the iPad is completely dynamic, it can be split into two, merged back together, and each element can be moved up and down the screen. I find using the split keyboard can make it more comfortable when holding the iPad in mid air while the full keyboard is useful when setting the iPad on a surface.

How to access the split keyboard:
1) Start typing and using the keyboard as usual
2) There are three ways to do this:
a- When the full keyboard pops up, use your fingers or thumbs on each hand to pull the center of the full keyboard apart.
b- You can also use one finger or thumb to swipe on the keyboard from a small keyboard indent at bottom right to activate the split keyboard.
c – Hold on the Hide Keyboard Key in the bottom right corner of the keyboard. This will pop up a menu to select Split Keyboard.
3) The keyboard should split apart and appear on two sides allowing you to type with ease.

How to go back to full keyboard mode:
1) From split keyboard mode, simply use your fingers or your thumb to the two opposing boards together.
2) Choose Dock and Merge by holding Hide Keyboard Key in the bottom right corner of the keyboard.

How do I move the keyboard on the screen:
1) Hold and drag the full keyboard up and down to move
2) Release the keyboard to maintain position on the screen

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