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GE Introduces Link, $15 Smart LED Light Bulb Controlled with an App

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June 29, 2014


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GE Introduces Link, $15 Smart LED Light Bulb Controlled with an App

Amongs the many industries GE covers, they’re circling back to their origins with a few enhancements. GE has announces a $15 connected LED light bulb controlled by Wink app. A century after Thomas Edison built the first commercial viable light bulb, General Electric, the very company founded by the famous inventor, has introduced a “smart” LED light bulb called Link.

The “Internet of things,” the “Connected Home,” the “Smart Home,”, this is one step closer to turning your things on and off with your smartphone.


• Low-cost connected Link lightbulb from GE will set you back less than $15.
• Bulb is controlled by the Wink app (available for iOS and Android) from Quirky.
• Switching lights on and off from anywhere (not just your couch)
• Lets you schedule things like on/off times and brightness.

The new Link light bulb lets users remotely control their home lighting from anywhere in the world. The product is Internet-connected and is enabled by the new Wink app for the control of its settings and syncing with associated devices.


Product Features

GE’s long-established high quality and energy efficiency, Link is available in three key lighting applications:

• 60-watt replacement soft white (2700K) LED bulb, or A19 shape, commonly used for general lighting in table and floor lamps.
• Indoor soft white (2700K) floodlight LED, or BR30 shape, installed as downlighting found in dining room, living room or other entertainment spaces.
• Indoor/outdoor-rated bright white (3000K) spotlight LED, or PAR 38, used for outdoor security or spotlight.

The Link light bulb will be available for pre-order starting Monday, June 30, 2014 through the official website of Home Depot. It will be sold in Home Depot stores beginning this fall.

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