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Gaming on the iPad: World of Goo by 2D Boy

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August 20, 2011


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Gaming on the iPad: World of Goo by 2D Boy

Gaming on the iOS can be quite fun and much different from the traditional console game experience. Today I’d like to talk about World of Goo HD created by 2D boy, an independent game company.  Voted iPad Game of the Year, the World of Goo HD is priced at $4.99 and is physics based puzzle game. This is multi-touch iOS game and was the highly anticipated game for the iPad, but has been available for Linux, Mac, and PC for some time.

The goal of the game is basically to get from point A to point B. The setting places you in a surreal world that allows you to control creatures called Goo Balls. Since this is a puzzle game, you must construct these goo balls into a tower or bridge like structure to get to the other side leading to a vacuum pipe.

This game is brilliant, the construction is flawless an it feels like second nature. This game is amazing because you get to use all of your fingers. It is a true multi-touch game where it is not just one finger but all of your fingers can be used to control all the goo balls.

The artwork and animation almost feels like a Tim Burton movie and the sound track is great too where it captures the mysterious world. There seems to be 5 worlds in the Goo Corporation which come with several levels within them. Each world also has different types of goo balls that interact differently. Some can float, some builds bridges.  Particularly, in the Drool world, the Goo Balls are like drool where they would drip down. You can awaken other goo balls that are sleeping to access other goo ball characteristics and get more points at the end of each level.

Once again, this is a physics-based game so understanding where the weight and angles go do help you tremendously. Although it can be done though experimentation. It is one of my favorite iPad games because it’s really well done.

An extra edition to the game is “The world of Goo Corporation” which allows you to build a tower that can be limitless. As you complete levels, you are able to obtain more goo balls that allow you to see who builds the highest tower against other players.

This is a fantastic game which is worth every penny. Its performance over 1 month of its launch sold 125,000 copies at originally $10 with the iPad version being the best selling version of the game in terms of numbers and the revenue generated. The app is available for both the iPhone and iPad.

Tips on the game play:

Read the signs. In the game, there are several signs that display a message from the Sign Painter. It gives you clues in a rather riddler way.

Jump around levels. Levels are not soul bound in this game. You are able to jump around to different levels although the earlier ones are great practice for later levels.

Know the Goo Balls. The physics in the World of Goo is amazing and works well. Once you understand what each Goo Ball type does, you’ll be able to build your bridges with maximum efficiency.

World of Goo Hands-On Preview

World of Goo Gameplay Trailer #1

You can buy this app here:
World of Goo HD for $4.99

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