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Gaming on the iPad: Flight Control HD for the iPad

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August 23, 2011


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Gaming on the iPad: Flight Control HD for the iPad

Have you ever wondered how complicated it is to direct traffic? How about with airplanes? With Flight Control HD by Firemint, it allows you to become a air traffic controller at a busy airport. The goal is simple, to touch and drag the aircraft to their landing zones without having the planes run into each other. The music is also relaxing to calm yourself as you navigate through the levels.

I played this game a couple years ago when the iPhone and iTouch first came out while in the Apple store. But since then, Flight control has added new levels as well as created the game for the iPad. Flight Control HD on the iPad starts for $4.99 and features very similar game play and characteristics iPhone’s version. One big difference is the real estate it has. The game has much more space to play on the iPad, but also new HD maps and ways to play.

The Creators, Firemint, has done a great job in implementing new features for the iPad.  The game features a short tutorial on how to play the game, adjust options like toggling off music and sound effects and check and compare stats on the leader board. You can also split the screen and play with a friend on the same iPad or have wireless gaming playing with multiple iPads.

Key Game Features:

  • Touch based interface of the iPad to guide planes to land planes on the correct runway.
  • Timing is important so places don’t run into other planes.
  • Tons of high definition levels
  • It also features 1 level in 3d if you have 3d glasses.

You can buy the game here:

Flight Control HD

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