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Gaming on the iOS: Soosiz by Touch Foo

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September 3, 2011


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Gaming on the iOS: Soosiz by Touch Foo

Soosiz HD by Touch Foo is a fantastic game that is described as the best platformer for the iOS where the player is allowed to jump on to platforms and over obstacles.

The Story

Completely in 2D, this platformer game starts out in ancient magical woods where strange creatures live in. One of these strange little creatures is controlled by you, the protagonist of the game. When the antagonist, an ancient evil is awakened from the woods and all your friends are scattered and lost throughout your world, you being the last one there have to choice but to save your friends and destroy the ancient evil.

How to play:

Game play is simple and Soosiz provides a tutorial. Your job is to find all of your friends and find the magical door that finishes the level while jumping from planet to planet knocking out enemies. The controls are easy with only 3 buttons that control the direction the little creature moves (left and right). The last button controls how the creature jumps. You can stick to other planets by jumping on them. The game is exciting and the way the orientation rotates as you jump from planet to planet is well worth experiencing. The traditional run and jump platformer adds a twist in gravity and you will notice how to physics works when you start playing.

Soosiz has many levels that contain different environments: land, snow, water, space. At the end of each level, you are awarded gold, silver, or a bronze medal based on the number of strange little creatures you save.

Tips to Win:

  • Read the signs: Wooden signs with arrows give you hints on how to use the little creature throughout the game.
  • Keep your lives: You have three lives when you start the game. Keeping it full will help you.
  • Collect all coins: Collecting coins unlocks certain abilities through the game like “Star Power”
  • Observe your enemies: Since the game features many different types of enemies, you should observe how they move before you try to knock them out.

 Watch the official game trailer here:

This game is available for the iPhone and iPad. Download the game here:

Soosiz for iPhone ($1.99)

Soosiz HD for iPad ($1.99)


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