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Different ways to search Calendar events on the iPad

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January 24, 2012


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Different ways to search Calendar events on the iPad

There are two ways to search for calendar events. You can use the search bar located in the home screen or you can search directly in the Calendar app. Both of these methods will pull up events for you.

Method 1: Searching for events in the iPad Home Screen:
1) Press the home button to get to the home screen
2) Swipe left to enter the search screen
3) Search for the event name or details to the event. The search bar in the home screen can search the iPad’s built-in apps including Calendar, Mail, Music, Video, Notes, Contacts, etc.

Method 2: Searching for events in the Calendars app on the iPad:
1) Locate the search bar in Calendar located at the top right.
2) Enter the event details or event name to search.
3) A drop down will appear.

These methods also work for iTouch, iPhone, and other iPads.

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