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Dark Sky, Weather forcasting app on the iPhone

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June 29, 2014


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Dark Sky, Weather forcasting app on the iPhone

The Dark Sky app for iPhone is one of the best weather forecasting applications available and it is currently on iOS.

App Features:
• Weather Radar
• Hyperlocal Forecasts
• Storm, Rain, or Snow Alerts
• Costs $3.99

Designed by Jackadam, this app is great for forecasting weather conditions accurately and precisely. The clean user interface allows you to overview the weather from your current location on a Doppler radar map. Its using your phone’s built-in GPS unit to provide minute to minute predictions for the next few hours.

This is great for allowing you to predict forecasting weather conditions for the next day or the upcoming week. We love the radar animation on the screen where we can visually see the actual path of the storm, storm movement, direction, and speed.


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