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Big Bad Sudoku

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March 3, 2011


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Big Bad Sudoku

Dedicated fans of Sudoku do not need me to explain the intricacies of the game or elaborate how addictive Sudoku can be. If you have found your way to this article and play Sudoku, purchasing Big Bad Sodoku needs to be on the top of your list of iPad Apps.  Easily one of the best iPad games available, Big Bad Sudoku will provide you with as many Sudoku games as you have time for.

Big Bad Sudoku allows you to choose how the new Sudoku puzzles are created. Either from a pattern generator, or simply randomly generated, all the puzzles created are guaranteed to be solvable. This iPad game has 5 different levels of difficulty ranging from easy, medium, hard, expert, or insane. Games can also be timed for an added level of difficulty.

One feature of Sudoku that adds to the fun is the Puzzle scoring. With puzzle scoring you are graded on how you solve the puzzle as well as the higher score. This provides a way to measure yourself for extra challenges and adds a competitive feel to Sudoku.

Big Bad Sudoku adds more challenges for user by allowing you to play pre set campaigns. In addition to the difficulty of solving a Sudoku puzzle, the “New Campaign Mode” gives you the challenge of solving a series of Sodomy puzzles. The New Campaign Mode has 50 pre-determined puzzles ranging from Easy to Insane. You advance to the next puzzle by solving the first one and are awarded a cumulative score by finishing all 50 puzzles.

Multitasking & Audio

The game supports iOS4.2 multitasking on the iPad which means you can have it on in the background if you need to do other things.  What’s really nice about Big Bag Sudoku is the iPad game supports background audio. Users can listen to internet radio through a standalone app or Safari in addition to the iPod features built into the iPad operating system.

Social Gaming

The newest version of Big Bad Sudoku supports social gaming. You can share puzzles you are working on via email, Facebook, and even text messages. Friendly competitions can be set up with your friends. The iPad game will let you know of any games your friends have shared, allowing you to play the same games they have. If you successfully beat their score, you can let all your friends know through Facebook!

Multi Platform Support

Big Bad Sudoku can be run on any of your iOS devices: iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. You also only to have to buy it once and are allowed to have it run on all the Apple devices registered to your iTunes account.

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