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Best iPad Teleprompter App for Making Speeches – Teleprompt+ for iPad

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April 20, 2011


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Best iPad Teleprompter App for Making Speeches – Teleprompt+ for iPad

Teleprompt+ for iPad

Teleprompt+ by Bombing Brain Interactive is a native iPad app that truly displays the flexible, powerful, and truly revolutionary nature of the iPad. Just prop up the iPad and start talking. It’s an intuitive app that tries to replicates the best features of a dedicated teleprompter. You can find many apps that “act” like a teleprompter, or have “speech” capable functions, but none that creates an entire platform around public speaking.  The developers of Teleprompt+ have created an eco system for the Apple devices to maximize function, and minimize your out of pocket expenses. An example of their ingenuity is the free add-on app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that turns them into remotes for your iPad teleprompter. Toastmasters, business professionals, lawyers, students, and anyone that has to speak in front of people will see improved speaking results not just from the use of Teleprompt+ during the day of the speech, but through the apps practice and speech development features.


3 Reasons why this iPad App will make you a better speaker:

Among collection the collection of tools included in Teleprompt+; three standout to help you become the next Cicero.  First the app has a “speed-of-scroll” feature that allows you to control how fast you are speaking. Those with pacing problems will love this features as it will help you slow down your speech to fill the allotted time, yet keep your speech at a brisk enough pace so not to put your audience to sleep.

As you know public speaking is as much connecting with the audience, either through body language and eye contact, as speaking. With this teleprompter app’s “reading guide,” you can look away and make eye contact with the audience while being confident you will not lose your place. The reading guide highlights the words you are on in the speech.  Teleprompt+ also functions as an in-app voice recorder allowing you to record your speech while practicing with the App.  You can record and playback practice speeches on the App. If you own an iPad 2 which has a built-in front facing camera, Teleprompt+ will even allow you to video record your practice speeches!


Text to Speech: Teleprompt+ allows a few ways to import speeches into the program. The standard method is to import using iTunes as with any other iPad app. The easiest way is wirelessly through a free Google Doc. Simply upload your speech to a Google Docs, then tap “import” in Teleprompt+ while being connected to the internet.  While iTunes and Google Docs function as your main avenues of importing speeches, you can compose speeches by typing with a keyboard (virtual or Bluetooth) or talking into the app. We found the last two options most useful in editing speeches but you can easily compose a speech directly on your iPad.

Video Recording (iPad 2 only): Teleprompt+ makes creative use of the two cameras built into the iPad 2. The most obvious feature is using the front facing camera to record practice sessions and live audience speeches. You can analyze your performance and critique yourself for future improvement.  The most creative use of Teleprompt+ is making use of the iPad 2’s rear high definition camera and audio recorder. You can keep the camera on during a speech to record an audience, or an individual subject, to gauge their reaction throughout your speech. This will allow you to see if your audience is getting your jokes, what parts of the speech were warmly receptive, and what changes you need to make to improve your delivery.

The video recorder features for the iPad 2 allows you to save and record multiple session so you can review and gauge your performance over time. This is extremely beneficial for those in sales or politics who give the same presentation multiple times.  If you are not getting the results you want from a speech that previously delivered outstanding results, you can go back and analyze what you have changed and what is going wrong.  In addition to allowing you to save multiple sessions, all videos can be edited in your video editor of choice, and shared through iTunes, email, or even posted to YouTube.  Teleprompt+ also is compatible with Airplay allowing you to stream previously recorded speeches to your Apple TV.

Teleprompter Display: Teleprompt+ allows you change your font size from 24 point to 204 point (really big). The app also allows you to change the font to one you like the best. You can also change the speed of how fast the text moves through your speech from pedestrian slow to really fast. Text speed is scaled from a level 1 to level 11.  If you don’t have a Bluetooth control or an iPhone/iPod Touch, you can also control the app using normal iPad gestures. For example, in a middle of a sales presentation where your customer asks you a question, you can pause the presentation by tapping the iPad with two fingers.

Bluetooth Keyboard Support While Prompting: If you own a Bluetooth keyboard, you can also use that to control the App while prompting a speech.

Bluetooth Keyboard Controls:

    • Play/Pause: Space Bar
    • Slow Down: <
    • Speed Up: >
    • Previous Cue Point: [
    • Next Cue Point: ]
    • Start/Stop Video/Audio Recording: R
    • Exit Script: X
    • Restart/Begin Script: B
    • Decrease Font Size:
    • Increase Font Size: +
    • Hide/Show Video Window: H
    • Up Arrow – Pause/Play, Slow Down, Previous Cue Point (depends on foot pedal setting)
    • Down Arrow – Pause/Play, Speed Up, Next Cue Point (depends on foot pedal setting)

Help and Support

While Teleprompt+ is an intuitive app where most people can figure out how to use it in 3 minutes, there are times where you need support.  Teleprompt+ included an integrated help screen built into the app. From that help screen you have the normal user guides and more. Links to instructional videos are provided for visual learners. One of the main sources of our dissatisfaction towards app developers is the lack of support and help features. We were pleasantly surprised how quickly the company answered emails as well as the helpfulness of their dedicated support website.

How to turn your iPhone into a Remote

Teleprompt+ Remote 2.1.1 allows your iPhone or iPod Touch to become a remote control for the full version of Teleprompt+ 2.1 running on another iOS device.


Bluetooth Foot Pedal Support: For those who do not want to use an iPhone or Bluetooth keyboard to control the Teleprompt+ app while giving a speech, the app supports a Bluetooth foot pedal from Airturn. Musicians or performers who need hands free performance will find this solution ideal.

Recommended iPad stands for Teleprompt+: You can visit the developer’s website for a list of recommended stands.




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