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Best iPad App for editing Microsoft Office Documents: Documents To Go Premium

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March 31, 2011


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Best iPad App for editing Microsoft Office Documents: Documents To Go Premium

Documents To Go® Premium – Office Suite

Documents To Go by Dataviz has been around long before the iPad was released and has been a top app in its class for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Documents To Go Premium is the closes thing to the Microsoft Office suite you can find for mobile Apps.  With that said, it’s lacking in many features you would find on the PC or Mac Version of Microsoft Office. There is simply no iPad app available that can duplicate the complex functions of the full version of Microsoft Office. If you are a mobile warrior and want the best iPad to edit your Office documents, Documents to Go is unmatched. If you are looking for a complete replacement for Microsoft Office on the iPad, such an App does not exist.

To make an iOS device work for a business professional, it needs to be able to handle the formats for the universally employed word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs from Microsoft—the trio of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. While there are many iOS apps that allow you to views Office files, very few allow you to edit Office files well. That’s where Documents To Go Premium comes in.  The App can create and edit any of the MS Office file formats while producing Office files that are viewed on the computer without formatting issues.

We tested Documents to go with Office 2007, 2008, and 2010 and the app was able to edit, create, and views documents in World, Excel and PowerPoint files.  You can also view PDF documents as well as all iWork files.  In addition to editing and viewing documents, Documents To Go Premium has a built in e-mail app that can be used to send and receive emails and attachments. We actually preferred sending emails from Documents To Go over the iPad’s native mail app because the ease of using and viewing attachments. For those who use Google Docs , iDisk, or; Document To Go easily syncs your files with those services.  What we loved about Documents to Go is the app allows you to sync files with your PC or Mac without iTunes. After installing the desktop software that is included with your iPad app purchase, you can sync your desktop and iPad files without plugging your iPad into your computer over your WIFI network.


Documents To Go incorporates the most used features of Microsoft Word into its App. You can edit both .doc and .docx files. In terms of editing the app allows you various bullet styles, character formatting & paragraph alignment, auto-bullets, numbers, etc. The most useful feature we found is the “InTact Technology “ which allows you to edit the document while saving the original document formatting just in case you have  an errors or wish to go back to your original styling. In addition to manipulation texts, you can also view embedded graphics, tables, comments, and text boxes, hyperlinks, and Table of Contents.


Documents to Go allows you to view and edit Excel spreadsheets in both .xls and .xlsx formats. The program does not include all of Microsoft Excel’s functions and formulas but you have the most common 111 to use. You can open password protected files and the “Intact Technology” remember the original document formatting before you started editing the file in Documents to Go.


We found the PowerPoint features the weakest of the Document to Go suite. You can view and edit PowerPoint slides but you lose most of the advanced features. You can edit and text and pictures very easily but we found the multimedia embedding lacking. Much of this is due to the iPad’s lack of compatibility with many audio and video formats.  With that said, if you plan on making presentations on your iPad, Documents to Go does offer you a quality platform to get your ideas across.

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    Great article. Thinking of moving to an iMac at home office and iPad for all travel. This article gives me the confidence to give it a try. ThnQ.

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    If you are planning to use the iPad as a laptop replacement you’ll need a physical keyboard. I carry around a laptop for work and my iPad normally. However, for a week I tried the iPad-only solution and its just not possible without a keyboard; unless the only thing you do is check email and browse the web. The keyboard I use is from Zagg. It’s expensive but the best case/keyboard combo out there. Not only is its functional, its absolutely gorgeous as it personifies Apple’s minimalist look. I’ll have a review of this product next week.

  • Mjmisc

    Absolutely not! This app is a clunker. Frequently fails to connect with servers, messes up formatting. It hasn’t been updated in a long time. The best ipad apps for Word docs are Quickoffice, with limited features and a beautiful interface, and Pages.

  • DocsToGo is the King.  All hail the King!