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Best iPad Apps to Search for a Job

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September 15, 2011


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Best iPad Apps to Search for a Job

Searching for a job is work!  Between going on interview and juggling your normal family life, you are not always at the computer to search for jobs. The iPad is a great resource to use your time efficiently when searching for jobs. With this said, most of the job search apps on the iTunes store are crap. Honestly, we just recommend using your safari browser in most cases to access job sites. With the exception of two of the three we recommended below, most of the apps were not worth the download time. Only one of our recommendations cost money – Craigslist Pro — but you do not even need to spend the 99 cents to access that information as you can go to Craigslist on your browser. When we were researching and testing different iPad apps for job searches, we found that if a job search app on the iTunes asks for money, skip it. Some of the apps have cool features, but they were lacking in providing relevant job listings in comparison to the major job sites.

Monster merged with a while back to create the largest jobs portal in the United States.  Although there is an iPhone app for Monster which you can download and use, we suggest going to your Safari Browser on your iPad to search for jobs. This app is not a native iPad app, and you cannot apply for jobs within the app. This is simply stupid, and in our opinion defeats the whole purpose of downloading the app in the first place.  You might be asking why we are listing it as a best iPad app at the same time we are telling you not to download it? The reason is we wanted our readers know about as it’s the largest job portal in the USA.

Jobs by CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is the second largest jobs portal in the United States.  Jobs by CareerBuilder is a native iPhone App that can be run on the iPad.  With the CareerBuilder app, you can search for jobs by keyword, company, location, job type, and more. You can also manage resumes and sync with our account. What we loved about Jobs by CareerBuilder is that you can apply for Jobs with it, unlike the app. However, we suggest using this app if you are on your iPhone. If you are on your iPad, just use the browser as the latest update is buggy and crashes.

Craigslist Pro

Craigslist Pro is a $0.99 cent, paid app that allows you to search Craigslist more efficiently. When looking for a job, you can simultaneously search multiple cities at once.  The iPad app even has a built in GPS that finds all the local craigslist areas near you, which is a must have if you are in a big city such as Los Angeles or New York with subdivided Craigslist neighborhoods. Craigslist Pro also allows for custom searches and tracking. The custom search on Craigslist Pro allows tracks the ads you have already visited, as well as saves your search criteria. You can bookmark ads for later use and the built in reply system allows you to email back jobs you are interested in, within the iPad app.

Craigslist Pro for iPhone & iPod

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