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Best iPad Apps for SAT Prep

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September 19, 2011


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Best iPad Apps for SAT Prep

SAT Connect ($9.99-$24.99)

SAT Connect by Watermelon Express is arguably the best SAT test prep App available for the iPad. SAT Connect is normally $24.99 according to the developer, but right now it’s on iTunes for $9.99. (btw, it’s been $9.99 for a few months now;) In terms of material, SAT Connect has more practice questions and practice tests than the book form of either Princeton Review or Kaplan. It lacks the world class tutorials of either Kaplan or Princeton Review test prep books, but is a great addition to whatever you are using to study for your SATs.

This app covers both the math and verbal portion of the SAT test with over 800 fully explained practice questions.  Additionally there is a 500 page review section covering in depth topics such as reading comprehension, algebra, geometry, and more. Why we strongly recommend our readers buy this app, and in our opinion what will help you improve 100+ points, are the 4000 word digital flashcards and seven diagnosis tests. Each diagnostic test breaks down your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to concentrate on your deficiencies more effectively.

Adapster SAT Math ($9.99)

Adapster SAT Math is the strongest math app available for the iPad. With over 1000 math questions, you will have ample practice problems to hone your mathematical reasoning skills. Like most iPad apps, Adapters blends the traditional study tools with electronic efficiency. Adapster score and analyzes your progress telling you which areas you need to concentrate on, customizing test difficulty and practice sessions. Adapster covers all math related subjects you will find on the SAT with over 30 major topics covering the 4 main areas of the SAT: Numbers and Operations; Geometry; Algebra and Functions; and Probability and Statistics.

Princeton Review SAT Score Quest

The Princeton Review lacks the quantity of practice materials when compared to the leading iPad apps, but it excels in an area we found lacking in most iPad apps … teaching. The Princeton Review SAT Score Quest starts you off with a diagnostic test, telling you which areas you need to prepare for.  The app outlines the Princeton Review’s top test taking strategies with the 15 SAT Core concept lesions. There are 45 additional SAT questions with Princeton Review instructors going over them step by step.

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