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Best iPad App to read Wikipedia – Simplepedia for iPad

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September 5, 2011


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Best iPad App to read Wikipedia – Simplepedia for iPad

Simplepedia is one of the numerous apps that allow you to read Wikipedia on your iPad.  Many of our readers must be wondering why I should pay for an app to read Wikipedia, when I can just use Safari. The answer is that it is free, and most importantly, you can save Wikipedia pages for offline reading. Being able to save your research comes in real handy if you area an academic or student!

How the offline reading works is the build in offline tool remembers the last few dozen articles you have looked at automatically. Tap the Offline Tool Button to bring up a menu of those articles. Simplepedia comes in 70 languages in addition to saving your most recent articles. Additionally, Simplepedia has a better browser/article viewer in this writer’s opinion. Simplepedia formats articles for viewing on the iPad much better than Safari.  You can skip through contents of the articles better and the Table of Contents makes for easier navigation. Additionally the search tools for articles and to find key words in articles works much.

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