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Best iPad App to listen to the radio: Wunder Radio

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September 7, 2011


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Best iPad App to listen to the radio: Wunder Radio

Wunder Radio is an amazing app that allows your iPad to have access to 50,000 radio stations and internet radiostreams across the world. You can listen to your local radio station anywhere in the world and when travelling, Wunder Radio produces a list of local radio stations with GPS access. You can also find radio stations through Wunder Radio’s search function and extensive categorizations.  Radio stations are organized into different genres and subcategories allowing you to browse radio stations by sports, talk, music, world, and location.

The Wunder radio iPad app supports multiple file formats such as M3U, ASX, mms, and more; allowing for a broader range of obscure radio stations suiting anyone’s tastes.  But don’ t worry, with this app you still have access to major radio networks such as BBC, Bloomberg, XM SIRIUS, NPR, etc.  Wunder radio also provides access to on demand radio shows, podcasts, and archived radio shows.

You can get Wunder Radio in the app store below :

Wunder Radio ($6.99)

Additional Features:

Twitter – You can tweet radio stations and DJ with Wunder Radio’s twitter directory.

Browser– the App has a built in web browser.

Background Listening – Wunder Radio plays in the background when you are using other Apps just like the built in iPod Function.

Now Playing/Song Information – Wunder radio provides information on the song and show that is currently playing

View Recently Played Songs – This app provides a list of recently played songs.

Weather/Emergency Scans – Wunder Radio also for scanning emergency radio stations as well as 24 hour weather reports.

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