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Best iPad App to Create a Resume – Pocket Resume

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September 15, 2011


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Best iPad App to Create a Resume – Pocket Resume


If you are unemployed, preparing for a career change, or just looking for greener pastures; Pocket Resume helps you to create eye-catching, professional resumes for just $2.99. What makes Pocket Resume superior over a normal word processor is the built in templates and ease of use. It takes 10-20 minutes to enter your background information — depending on your career history — and within seconds you have a gorgeous and professional resume. The Pocket Resume iPad app handles the entire layout for you. You can choose from multiple style options as well as rearrange the sections of your resume. With Pocket Resume, you have full control over content and design.

Pocket Resume has many other features worth your time perusing. The iPad app allows you to create multiple resumes for different jobs and store them in your iPad or iPhone. Pocket Resume exports your documents into Rich Text Format (RTF) or Adobe PDF.  RTF documents can be edited in any word processor such as Microsoft Word or Pages.  More importantly, if you send your resume by RTF, it can be opened and viewed by virtually an employer, even employers without a mainstream Word Processor such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.  And lastly, you can also send your resumes with your iPad or iPhone as Pocket Resume interfaces with your iOS email app.

Download pocket resume here: 

Pocket Resume

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