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Best iPad App for taking Handwritten Notes and Hand Commenting Adobe PDF’s

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September 2, 2011


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Best iPad App for taking Handwritten Notes and Hand Commenting Adobe PDF’s

Dan Bricklin’s Note Taker HD App is a common sense, affordable app that allows you to merge the old world style of pen and paper with the benefits of mobile tablet technology. There are quite a few apps out there that allow you to take handwritten notes on your iPad, but few allow you to integrate note taking features with other apps and platforms. Furthermore, Note Taker HD allows you to truly function paperless with your iPad. While many iPad user’s carry around a Bluetooth keyboard or use the built in virtual keyboard, there are times when you just want to jot something down but find it inconvenient to place the iPad in a typing angle.

Using Note Taker HD

When you first start up Note Taker HD, you will find a very simple interface that one can intuitively understand how to use.  Think of Note Taker HD as a blank canvas, or lined sheet of paper, where you can write or draw whatever your heart’s desire. As you are jotting down those first few words and drawing that first picture, the power of this app will start to emerge. Let us imagine that you have naturally large handwriting but wish to have more than just a few words on your iPad screen. The iPad App can shrink your writing so you can fit more lines of text on a page while automatically adding more space as you write. Note Taker HD allows you the best of both worlds; better penmanship with large writing, yet the space efficiency of 12 point font types. If you make mistakes, Note Taker has multi-level undo and redo buttons as well as a quick digital eraser. That digital eraser is your finger! Just drag it over the page to erase any mistakes under your finger. The App also supports native iPad functions such as zooming in and out by squeezing and expanding your fingers.


Instead of carrying around a massive set of notebooks with you, Note Taker has a quite a few organization features that will make your life easier. Documents can be organized multiple ways through tags, date/time last modified, favorites, etc. Notes can be quickly accessed through a scrolling list of thumbnail images.


Note Taker HD is designed for those who want to hand write on your iPad; therefore, a stylus or digital pen must be purchased. While we would not recommend it, you can also use your finger to write notes as well as a normal pen. Just keep in mind you run the risk of scratching your iPad with a normal pen.

Adobe Acrobat Support

Note Taker HD allows you to import and edit Adobe Acrobat Documents. You can markup and comment on your Acrobat files just like in real life with Note Taker’s ability to change pen color and pen stroke thickness. Adobe Acrobat documents are imported through iTunes or “Open in” function of other apps.

Pictures and Images

You can also mark up images as Note Taker HD allows you to insert, rotate, and crop pictures and other images.

Syncing and Sharing

One of Note Taker HD strength’s is you can integrate the service into your other note taking software. Those who use market leading iPad apps such as Evernote, will love you how can email and sync notes taken on Note Taker with those Apps. For example, since Evernote (which is free with an optional premium service) is multiplatform. You can have the handwritten notes taken on Note Taker transferred to all your other computers and mobile device since Evernote is available on Mac and PC computers, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Evernote is not the only platform Note Taker integration as Dropbox users will discover.


Note Taker HD allows you to print your notes through iPad supported printing apps and protocols.


Other features include:

  • Pages organized into documents and folders
  • Typed blocks of text with optional borders
  • 60+ highly customizable shapes
  • Insert images from Photo Albums or Pasteboard
  • Custom backgrounds from images or PDF pages
  • VGA/HDMI support with zoom and pan
  • Wrist guard to avoid inadvertent touches
  • Layout variations better suited to some left-handed users
  • Optional fields in output footers like in a word processor
  • Extensive built-in help
  • Smooth and crisp ink on screen and in PDF output
  • Share editable copies of your documents with others
  • Backup to a single file for off-iPad storage
  • Full-screen preview mode
You can get Note Taker HD here:


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