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Best iPad App for Medical Information: Web MD

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September 4, 2011


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Best iPad App for Medical Information: Web MD

WebMD for iPad is a free app that allows you to look up medical and drug information, as well as provide self diagnosis tools and first aid essentials. It’s a great companion when you are out in the world and face a medical emergency. The App is self contained and you do not need internet for the emergency data such as the First Aid Essentials. Internet connection is required to look up more in-depth topics such as obscure drugs and diseases, and to find local doctors and hospitals in your area. The contents are continually updated to keep you up to date of latest medical information. Physicians will love the daily professional news articles from Medscape Medical News that covers over 30 specialties.

If you are feeling ill or unsure what your prognosis is, WebMD for iPad has a “Symptom Checker” that allows you to learn about potential problems by zeroing in on body parts and symptoms. A digital First Aid book tells you what to do when you have an emergency. The contents of this range from basic of treating broken bones to applying CPR, or even treating spider and insect bites.

WebMD for iPad was an extensive encyclopedia of drug and treatment information with relevant directions, warnings, and list of side effects.  There is also a Pill Identification Tool that helps you identify if the drugs you received via prescription or over the counter just in case you forget what they look like. You can search by pill shape, color, and event the imprint. The drug database contains over 8.000 name brand drugs, generics, Over the Counter (OTC) drugs, and supplements. Those taking multiple prescription drugs or supplements can check to see if there are any side effects with the drug interaction checker. You can selection up to 30 drug, herbal, and supplement combinations to see if there are any know side effects and interactions.

There is also a Conditions section where you can find medically reviewed information about the causes, treatments, and symptoms of what might be afflicting you. If you are about to undergo a medical procedure, WebMD provides information on the 600 most common clinical procedures. In addition you have a clinical reference and treatment guide for 3,400 diseases and conditions. Many have enhanced images and even video.

In addition to providing medical information, WebMD helps you research doctors and hospitals nearby. If you are traveling and need an emergency refill of a prescription, you will also love the pharmacy directory. You can search doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals by city, state or zip code.  WebMD’s database currently contains 460,000 physicians, 6,000 hospitals and 57,000 pharmacies.

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