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Best iPad App for Managing Databases – File Maker Go

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September 19, 2011


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Best iPad App for Managing Databases – File Maker Go

FileMaker Go for iPad is a business class iPad app that allows you to manage databases from your iPhone or iPad.  The iPad app requires you to have File Maker Pro 7 hosted on a server or computer. If you need to manage a database on the go, FileMaker Go has no pears. There is simply no other iPad app that can match the performance and features of this app as you can view, edit and search your FileMaker Pro information on your iPad.

Basic Functions

FileMaker is designed for the iPad and takes advantage of all the multi-touch gestures found on your iPhone or iPad. You can edit and add records in your database as well as display such data a form, table, or list view.

Interface and Layout

FileMaker Go uses a simple two column interface to speed productivity. The left column holds files on your iPhone or iPad, and the right column displays server/remote data. FileMaker Go stores your remote data connections settings so you can easily switch from one database to the next. You can also transfer existing databases through iTunes file sharing. FileMaker Go also supports Charts crated with the computer version of FileMaker Pro 11 and up. You can view and edit the charts but cannot create them within your iPad.


FileMaker Go transfer databases for offline use through iTunes as well as syncing with a server when you are connected online.

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