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Best iPad App for Making Flash/Index Cards – Index Card

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September 4, 2011


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Best iPad App for Making Flash/Index Cards – Index Card

Index Card was originally targeted for the screen writer set, but if you are a student who studies off flash cards, this iPad app can also be a capable replacement.  Index Card allows you to capture your ideas and store notes in an abstract, non-sequential manner allowing you full control over the creative thought process. The gorgeous interface replicates a cork board where you can digitally pin your Index cards to organize the flow of your project. Whether you are a student, in the business world, or a Hollywood screen writer, Index card can enhance your work flow.

Index card allows you to create multiple projects, each with their own set of flash cards. The digital flash cards contain a title, synopsis, and label color. With the digital Corkboard, you can arrange your cards in a manner most conductive to your project. Index Card for iPad also allows you to view your ideas in an outline manner; arranging, cutting, editing, and pasting text as needed.  Once you have finished with a project or set of flash cards, you can email them within the app. Dropbox users can import or export projects online and copies of projects can also be exported in Rich Text Format (RTF) through iTunes file sharing.

You can get the app below in the app store:

Index Card

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