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Best iPad App for following Congress and Politics in Washington

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September 10, 2011


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Best iPad App for following Congress and Politics in Washington

MyCongress is a great app for political junkies, students, lawyers, and activists out there to check up and see what Congress is doing. If you are uncertain of what your representative is doing in the heat of a political battle, simply fire up MyCongress and you can keep tabs on every congressman and senator.  When first using this iPad app, the easiest way to begin is just typing in your zip code, this will bring up a list of your local representatives.

The next step is simply to select a senator or congressman. Since I live in California, I tapped on the icon for Senator Feinstein. Now the app will open up to a page devoted to each politician. You will find their contact information (address, email, phone numbers, etc) as well as the latest news feeds. MyCongress also aggregates YouTube videos of politicians in addition to posing their twitter feeds. There are direct links to a politician’s website as well as a link to Open Congress. Open Congress is a site that lists a representatives voting record and lists all the politicians most recent sponsored bills. You will learn about the representative or senators committee assignments, voting records, and who they are receiving campaign contributions from.


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