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Best iOS game: Understanding how to play Tap Zoo

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January 26, 2012


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Best iOS game: Understanding how to play Tap Zoo

According to the app store, Tap Zoo is the highest grossing app in the market. What does that mean? We think it means this much be a really great game because people are paying for it. But wait, this game is free to download and has always been. Tap Zoo makes its money through in-app purchases.

But enough about that, let’s talk about how great of a game it is. The Tap Zoo game by Pocket Gems, Inc. sets you on an island where you start out with one animal. Your goal is to make a unique and profitable zoo by collecting different types of animals each of which provide you with coins every couple minutes, hours, days depending on the animal. While you try increase you worth as a zoo, you are given missions and adventures which reward you with achievements, experience points and more coins. Tap Zoo allows you to gain experience points, level up, and buy many types of items including decorations, trees, shops, animals, land, rangers, etc.

You zoo can be organized in any way and hold many animals. Your island can increase by buying more land with coins you earn from the animals. Tap Zoo allows you to have up to 4 of the same animal meaning you can have 4 monkeys, 4 lions, 4 snakes, etc. While maintaining your zoo and taking care of your animals, you will eventually notice that the zoo can get dirty with food and trash on the ground. By tapping on them, you can clean it up and make some extra buck while you are at it.

The game allows you to buy more animals with coins, stars, or cross breed to make new ones.  Overall, you can see your rating by letter grades ranging all the way to A+. To increase and maintain your grade, you can look at a detailed breakdown of what areas contain low or high grades. Be sure to invite your friends because Tap Zoo has a social feature which allows you to visit other zoos and heal their sick animals for coins. We find it great for scoping out the competition and get inspiring ideas on how to decorate and organize your fam.

In-app purchasing in the game means that you can buy items to use in the game for real money. So keep that in mind if you want to advance through the game quickly, get certain animals or increase your land. Stars can only be obtained through in-app purchasing. There also seems to be hundreds of animals with more coming with every update and the one thing that is enjoyable with this game is that it can be played on any device whether iPad, iPhone, or Android. Since it is connected to the server, you need internet connected either wifi or 3G, 4G speeds to play, but you can switch between different devices to maintain your Zoo and play this game anywhere you go. You can even save, load, and transfer the game to a new device so the worry of losing data or starting over is no more.

This app comes available for all iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and all Android devices.

You can download the game in both app stores here: Android app store  and iTunes app store

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