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Best External Battery for Apple iPad, MacBook, and iPhone to extend Battery Life.

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September 16, 2011


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Best External Battery for Apple iPad, MacBook, and iPhone to extend Battery Life.

HyperJuice external batteries allow you to charge your iPad, iPod, iPhone, and MacBooks while on the go. The external battery pack is encased in brushed aluminum and adheres to the iconic, minimalist, style of the latest generation of Apple products.  All models of the external battery come with the cables necessary to charge your iPad or iPhone, but if you wish to charge your MacBook an additional adapter must be purchased.

HyperJuice batteries come in 4 different sizes to fit a variety of needs. For most people getting the 60 or 100 watt hour (Wh) battery will provide more than a day’s worth of extra power. If you are just going to charge your iPhone or iPad, I recommend buying just the 60Wh battery. It weighs less than a pound, and is cheaper and more portable than the 100Wh model. In my opinion the 100Wh battery should only be considered if you plan on charging your MacBook Pro with any regularity.  The two largest capacity HyperJuice batteries, the 150Wh and 220Wh, are only recommended for mobile warriors as these batteries are relatively heavy. The 220Wh behemoth is 6 pounds, the size of a laptop, and retails for $450.

I have the 100Wh external battery which weighs a little more than a pound and a half. According to the manufacture, the 100Wh battery you can power a MacBook Pro for an additional 23 hours, or charge your iPhone up to 23 times, or extend the battery life of the iPad up to 40 additional hours.  Honestly, I have never tried to charge my iPhone 23 straight times with the HyperJuice battery as I use it as a jack of all trades power source for my Apple devices.

To give our readers an idea of how long the charge lasts, here is how I typically use the 100Wh HyperJuice battery over a 2-3 day period. As a heavy computer user, I’m on my 15” MacBook Pro 8-10 hours a day for home and office.  I turn the iPad into a dual monitor with the Air Display App which drains the battery after 6 hours when developing or crunching numbers.  Additionally, the iPad is used as a standalone device for another hour or so daily. I’m on my iPhone talking for 2-3 hours a day and with answering emails, texts, etc.  I normally have to charge the iPhone at least twice a day.   So over a two to three day period, I normally use the HyperJuice to charge my MacBook Pro twice from a fully drained state (10 hours total),  charge my iPad 2-3 times, and charge my iPhone another 3-4 times.  I believe the inconvenience of carrying a paperback book sized battery that weighs 1.6 pounds for three days of un-tethered freedom is a great trade off.

If you want to know the combined hours of usage with your HyperJuice and a particular Apple device, here is a table of maximum hours provided by the HypeJuice:


How to use the HyperJuice with a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Laptop:

If you plan on using a HyperJuice external battery with your MacBook, there are two ways to set this up. Both methods require you to purchase an additional piece of equipment to use with the HyperJuice .  Myappworld recommends most people use Method 1 because Method 2 requires you to cut up your MagSafe adapter.  Those who are frequent flyers, or who already own an Apple Magsafe Airline adapter, should definitely go with the first method.

Method 1: Auto/Airline Adapter Cable

This method requires an Apple Magsafe Airline Adapter to use charge your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air laptops with the HyperJuice battery.  HyperJuice includes an auto/airline adapter that connects to the Apple Magsafe Airline Adapter.  The Magsafe Airline adapter is then connected to your MacBook laptop. You can purchase the Magsafe Airline Adapter directly from Apple here.

Method 2:  HyperJuice Magic Box Modification System

The Magic Box system comes with two magic box connectors, labeled Magic Box 1 and Magic Box 2, and a free car charger. The adapters are very small and roughly the size of the iPad 10w charger. The downside of this system is you have to cut the existing cables yourself.  I ended up buying the MagicBox system for convenience, but I bought a second Apple charger on Amazon instead of splicing my original Apple adapter, just in case I screwed up.  If you want to see the user manual, and how the cable is spliced, follow this link.

HyperJuice Magic Box User Guide

In addition to charging your MacBook with the HyperJuice battery, the Magic Box system allows you to charge your external battery with the standard MagSafe Power adapter that came with your laptop.  The benefit of this system is you only have to haul around one AC adapter, allowing you to leave the HyperJuice AC adapter at home, and still charge the HyperJuice battery on the go. The system also allows you to charge the external battery and charge/use your MacBook laptop at the same time.

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