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Best Cloud Music Streamer for Android: Audiogalaxy Music

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September 3, 2011


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Best Cloud Music Streamer for Android: Audiogalaxy Music

Android OS: Requires Android OS 1.5 and up. See also: Understanding Android Versions & How to Find Out what Versions of Android you run.

Audiogalaxy Music is one of those apps where you wonder how can it be free? It streams all your music and playlists from your computer to your Android phone, Android Tablet, and Apple devices without annoying ads, subscriptions, or an upfront fee!  Audiogalaxy produces high quality sounds streamed to your Android or Apple device.

Music Playback & Playlists

Playback of your music is done through your wireless network, and 3G/4G or Edge mobile network. Music quality is comparable to Pandora and mid range MP3 file sizes. What makes AudioGalaxy a pleasure to use is that you can create and modify your playlists with the App, and it automatically displays album art. Without any annoying ads you jump from one song to the next just like an MP3 player.

Audiogalaxy also has premium features that are in-app purchases. This means you can download the app and use it for free, but if you want to enable the premium feature you pay a small cost. Two popular in-app upgrade you might consider is the ringtone creator and offline playback. With Audiogalaxy you can turn your favorite song into a ring tone for a small fee. The one drawback of Audiogalaxy is since it “streams” music to your mobile device, you are dependent on the quality of your mobile network. You can rectify this drawback by choosing an Offline playback in-app upgrade.


For privacy mavens, you can turn off the location based permission. Audiogalaxy has a cool feature that tells you what music is being played in your city. To use this feature Audiogalaxy finds your location through your mobile or wireless network, and not the more accurate GPS transceiver.  This method is far more inaccurate than GPS and protects your location much better.


For Android users you’ll find the app makes it very easy to navigate even when driving as it comes with both a Home and Lock screen Widget.

Installation & Setup

To use Audiogalaxy on your Android device, you first have to visit from the Mac or PC where you keep all your music files. Audiogalaxy should only be installed on one computer and that computer should be left turned on. Installation is extremely simple as Audiogalaxy will actually walk you through the steps. There is no need to adjust your wireless router or firewall. Once Audiogalaxy is installed, it will automatically find all your music files on your computer and add them to a master playlist. The music streamers supports all the most common file formats such as MP3, AAC, ALAC, FLAC, WMA and OGG as well as others.  After this initial setup, all you have to do is log in to from any other computer, or mobile device to access your music.

Once your computer is set up all you to do now is go to your App store or Android Market and download the free Audiogalaxy App to your tablet or mobile device.

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