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Best Android App for Browsing the Web – Dolphin Mobile HD

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September 8, 2011


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Best Android App for Browsing the Web – Dolphin Mobile HD

The big 3 of Android Web Browsers are the native Android Browser, Firefox, and Opera Mobile. All are great browsers but I found myself using Dolphin’s Browser HD the most. Dolphin HD is a mobile browser designed from the ground up to be operated on tablets and mobile phones.  It combines leading edge capability with an intelligent user interface.  Dolphin is a flash capable browser unlike other alternatives such as Firefox mobile.

User Interface

What puts Dolphin on top over the native Android browser is the user interface. Dolphin can be navigated entirely by gestures, and has features such as multi-touch pinch zoom that some other browsers do not support. With the native android browser, I found myself touch and tapping two or three times what I could do with a flick of the finger on the Android Browser.  Additionally, Dolphin allows you to create custom touch commands, something the native Google android browser does not support.


Core Features:

Tabbed Browsing – You can view multiple web pages with tab browsing.

Sidebar – Dolphin adds a desktop like sidebar missing on many mobile Android browsers. This is a tool bar where one can customize with bookmarks or turn into a launch screen for your favorite add-ons and features. What makes this sidebar superior is that you can access it by quickly swiping your finger to the right side, and close it by swiping to the left.

Themes – Dolphin allows for custom themes. Browse there theme packs for added customization

Speed Dial Opera pioneered the speed dial which allows for 9+ of your most visited websites to be quickly launched from one page. Dolphin Mobile HD for Android incorporates this feature as well.

Smart Address Bar Dolphin auto completes URLs from your bookmark and history.

Bookmark Folders You can organize your Bookmarks into folders just like your desktop browser.

User Agent Dolphin allows you to switch between desktop and mobile view. You can change user agents which allow you to create different browsing profiles. Depending on the profile you choose, Dolphin tells the website you are visiting whether you are a mobile device or standard computer.  11

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