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An addicting and fun iOS game: Unpleasant Horse

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October 28, 2011


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An addicting and fun iOS game: Unpleasant Horse

Classical music, soft white clouds, clear blue skies, pleasant looking birds, and cute winged ponies’ flying in the sky. You would imagine an iOS game like this would be one of those games that is friendly and rather soft, but it is not. The game is the complete opposite where you play an antagonistic black winged pony branded in its rear with a skull. Your only goal is to slaughter other ponies. This game is fun, thrilling, and does require a lot of skill or precision. I must say timing does gets to be important when you really get into it.

Unpleasant Horse by 4th and Battery is a free game available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It has really simply interface and is easy to use, yet extremely addicting. Unpleasant Horse takes a pleasant idea and turns it into a hardcore and scary themed plot. The goal is to jump from cloud to cloud until you find a white pony where you jump on to them instead. You stay on the pony and ride them to a pit of bloody gears at the floor, then jump at the last second. You can kill birds along the way and steal their wings that allow you to have a second jump in mid air.

This game allows you to get points for everything you do along the way, but killing ponies gives you the most points. Other ways to get points is your hang time (how long you ride a pony until you hit the gear). This is where you will notice the points will increase as your fall with the pony. The “Last Second Getaway” is another way to gather in points which I will explain shortly.

At the end of the game, your score is added up on the number of “Ponies” and “Birds” killed, “Clouds” landed on, as well as “Style” points which produces your “Total Score”. The defaulted high score is 100,000 points set by Kurt, most likely a developer for the game, but when played with these techniques suggested below, we were able to achieve a high score of 800,000+. We are working on increasing it.

How to play the game:

Below are screenshots of  the Unpleasant Horse tutorial when starting your first game. They do a great job of guiding you through the dynamics of game play.

Techniques for achieving a high score in Unpleasant Horse:

To do really well at this game, we suggest you master all of these techniques.

+Max out your Feathers.
You are allowed to hold up to 5 feathers for jumping in mid air. These become useful as you get closer to the last stage of the game where there will be no clouds to land on.

+Perform a Last Second Getaway
The Last Second Getaway gives you points when you jump right before you get caught by the gears. It gives you additional points of up to 5000. Your first last second getaway gives you 1100 points. Every pony killed after that gives you 100 points more (1200, 1300, etc) until you get to 5000.

+Get to the last stage
The last stage there are no more clouds. Jump hundreds of ponies and less resting period. This stage is where you rack up the points by killing as many ponies as you can. “Last Second Getaway” becomes extremely important here because once maxed out, you get 5000 points for every pony killed with that last second jump. Combos are also counted too which are the number of ponies killed consecutively without resting on clouds.

Extra ways to make it fun:

Since this game is free on the app store, our friends also downloaded the app. We spent the week playing this game on several friends phones and set high scores on most of them. Competition is fun.

Beyond the scope of winning, we decided to admire the fine details of Unpleasant Horse. It contains amazing graphics. When taking the time to admire the details of the game, you will see the ponies actually cry with tears when you jump on them. The gears splat blood, horse shoes, and bones upon contact, and the bird’s feathers disperse on impact. If you stay long enough on a cloud, it turns into a dark purple cloud outlined in gray with white lightning/thunder. Overall, I recommend Unpleasant Horse for anyone looking for a game that doesn’t take up lot of time per game.

Watch a video of the gameplay here:

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