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Adobe Connect Mobile for Android Tablet and Phone

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September 5, 2011


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Adobe Connect Mobile for Android Tablet and Phone

Android OS: Requires 2.2 and up. See also: Understanding Android Versions & How to Find Out what Versions of Android you run.

Installation Notes: You must install Adobe Air 2.7 mobile (It’s free)

Adobe Connect mobile is a free Android app that allows you host video conferencing meetings anywhere your tablet or phone has network connection. This app is designed more for the business end user unless you do heavy video conferencing with friends and family. While the app is free, you need to purchase an Adobe Connect account subscription pass the 30 day free trial.

Within Adobe Media Connect, you can launch and plan meetings and decide who gets to attend.  You can have intimate video conference meetings for two, or expand to multi parties. What’s really nice about this app is that it minimizes your minutes on your phone plan as audio can be VOIP utilizing a WIFI or 3G connection.

What separates Adobe Media Connect from other video conferencing software such as Skype is that it allows you to create amazing presentations since the app is designed to integrate with Adobe’s software portfolio. As the presenter, or host, you can advance slides and animations as well as share your screen with other meeting participants.

Adobe Test Devices:
• Droid
• Droid X
• Droid Pro
• Samsung Galaxy Tab
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
• Motorola Xoom (Honeycomb/ Android 3.0 OS)
• NexusOne
• HTC Flyer

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