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A dedication to Steve Jobs: A regular guy with an brilliant mind and creative vision

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October 5, 2011


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A dedication to Steve Jobs: A regular guy with an brilliant mind and creative vision

This article is devoted to Steve Jobs and his legacy. As most of you may know, Steve Jobs has passed away today, Wednesday October 5, 2011. Although expected due to his sickness, it should never have happened. As any great leader, visionary, and creator, we mourn Steve’s departure from this world and what the world has lost. The creator and co-founder of Apple and Pixar, Steve Jobs not only created a successful life for himself, but he shared his vision, his inventions, and his passion to our world.

Steve Job’s was 56 years old and has had an 8 year battle with Pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, Cancer won. The Apple website today has switched to show a large picture of Steve Jobs dated 1955-2011.

Visit Apple’s website to see their kind words. Also, if you would like, you can add your thoughts, memories, and condolences to the apple email

I first found out about Steve’s death from a text message from friends. I quickly scrolled through all the tweets and statuses to reveal hundreds of messages about Steve Jobs and everyone’s condolences. I was saddened to realize it was true and I began to search more articles about today’s news.

I also became eager to read more about Steve’s legacy. Although I’ve always known about it, the interested in reading different views intrigued me, when finally I stumbled upon a Stanford’s graduation commencement in 2005 with Steve Jobs as their keynote speaker. His inspirational words to the graduating students in Stanford also highlight his own views about his life. This video is worth watching and highly motivational and inspiring.

Steve Jobs was a regular guy…with an brilliant mind and creative vision. Jobs lived everyday like his it would be his last, making sure everyday was worth living. In his closing remarks in his speech, Steve Jobs last words were: “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”!

We will miss you Steve Jobs.


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