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13 Reasons why an iPad is superior to a Netbook

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May 30, 2010


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13 Reasons why an iPad is superior to a Netbook

13 Reasons why an iPad is superior to a Netbook

1)      Build quality. Netbooks are encased in inexpensive plastic. With an iPad you have Apple’s legendary and well earned build quality.

2)      Stylish. Sleek aluminum versus cheap plastic. ‘nuff said!

3)      Security. You don’t need to buy extra software to prevent it from viruses. Why pay $50 annually for an anti-virus solution because of Windows vulnerabilities?

4)      Battery Life. The iPad gives you a full day work load with over 10 hours battery life. Most netbooks average 4-5 hours at best. You can upgrade to a 9 cell battery with some models to reach the 7-8 hour mark but then you would have to add another pound to your machine.

5)      Startup Speed/Turn on Time. Whether you choose Windows or Linux. Can you afford to wait 1 minute or more each time you need to check your email or do any other tasks?

6)      Weight. The iPad is far more portable than a netbook. The typical netbook weights 3 pounds while the iPad is just half of that.

7) Unlimited Wireless. To have 3G wireless you would have to buy a separate card or adapter for a netbook. That’ s an extra $200 (in most cases) or you have to sign up for a 2 year contract with virtually every cell phone company. And most plans are $60 for just 5 gigabytes of data. The iPad requires no adapter, no contract, and you have unlimited data for just $29.99 with AT&T.

8)      Apps. The iPad has thousands of apps to suit everyone taste and needs at far cheaper prices than a typical windows software.

9)      Stability. Apple’s iPad OS is far more stable than crash prone windows.

10)   Software Installation – iTunes offers once click installation and in most cases your app is installed in less than a minute!

11)   Free Software. iTunes offers thousands of free apps you can choose to install in your iPad. And remember, the iPad can run virtually every iPhone app as well!

12) Games. Apple has thousands of games in the iTunes store to choose from

13) Movies. You can stream videos from iTunes or Netflix with 3G or WIFI connectivity! Anywhere its available

14)   Ebooks. The iPad makes reading your favorite book easy. A netbook requires you to scroll up and down to read a page unless you want to hold a netbook awkwardly turning it on its side. While there are netbooks tablets, reading for a prolonged time (if you had the battery life) with a 3 pound machine in one hand makes for a difficult workout!

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